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The purpose of this wiki is to catalog my weird/transcendent/mystical/time travel/etc. experiences in a format that is more structured than a simple blog or journal.

While this wiki contains a lot of strange metaphysical and spiritual ideas, I don't necessarily accept any of them and don't expect anyone else to either. Many of the entries will change over time as I have new experiences or as memories change. A lot of things will seem contradictory. A lot of it reads like science fiction or religious mythology. In many ways the contents of this wiki are sort of personal religious mythology.

While everything contained in this wiki is either an experience I have had, or commentary on an experience I have had, its certainly reasonable to question the nature of these experiences. I don't consider these experiences to be either "real" or "not real", but rather "contextually real." By that I mean while I was experiencing them, they were just as real to me as the computer I am typing on right now and they have had long term effects on my thinking and even my actions - in at least this way they are "real." Many of the experiences have components that people would generally consider objectively real, and other components that people would probably consider subjectively real.

An additional goal of mine is to find parallels between my experiences and ideas and writings found in the texts of various philosophies and religions, as this may help elucidate certain things for me. I am also interested in trying to find an understanding that relates purely to a physicalist understanding, especially how these experiences can be explained via cognitive neuroscience and schema theory.

In many entries you will encounter the first person singular "I" and plural "we", in many cases I am not referring to my normal human self or my normal consciousness, especially when describing what seem like sci-fi or religious events. Despite what it might sound like in some of these wiki entries, I don't believe that I had any hand in the creation of the universe (not any more than you did anyway) or that I am anything spiritually or psychologically unusual. I am merely writing down the things that I remember experiencing, and some of them were experienced from a first person perspective. In general the more recent entries have "I" replaced with my name and are written from a 3rd person perspective.

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